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forged in colorado

YAY! LiFE! was born one sunny winter's day in Denver, CO.

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"My YAY is YAY! Life! I think, because I'm in a really cool phase of my life right now. I'm newly married. I'm chasing my running goal, so I'm working towards qualifying for the Olympics in the marathon. I'm getting to do acting and comedy and I think I just have a lot of YAY!s and so many things to be grateful for, that I’m like just living my YAY! out so hard right now and it’s just amazing.

I think what’s gotten me where I have progressed lately is my mental game and what I’m doing to work up here. I can train all day long but if I can't get the mental work in, that’s where you're going to fall apart. So for me, I have my dream boards and my vision boards that are right outside of our room in the hallway that I look at every single day— that have my goals and pictures of the type of runner I want to be, and the trials and Tokyo and all of these things and so, I see that every single day and it starts to just become ingrained in you.

There’s an amazing quote that just says 'look in the mirror—that’s your competition' and it’s on our bathroom mirror and I see it every day, because then that's just a reminder like, okay, you're just competing against yourself because you can’t control what anybody else is gonna do. You can't control weather on race day and you can't control anything but yourself and how you show up."

~Brittany Charboneau, The Funny Runner, Denver, Colorado


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