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11/27/2012 - Day 14
45). Twilight Zone. Okay, so literally a month has passed since my last blog post! We've endured a presidential election, a super storm (our prayers still go to Sandy's victims), Halloween (one of my Top Three favorite holidays), a wedding and Rachelle's dad passed after some lengthy health issues. We also took a much needed, pre-Fall planned trip to Zion National Park in Utah. The weather gods smiled down as we were blessed with perfect hiking conditions to explore the heights (Angel's Landing) and the depths (The Narrows) that the amazing womb-like Zion Canyon offers. After returning home from our trip, Rachelle spent several days 'back East' reconnecting with family during her dad's memorial service. Thanksgiving weekend is now winding down as I tap away on my keyboard and reflect on the blur of the last 30 or so days and the Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past. I'm reminded that life is fleeting, urgent and out of my control. I'm reminded after having experienced Zion's 2000+ foot cliffs of how very minuscule and fragile we are. I'm reminded to honor the ancestors, the one's that paved the way to this moment, and to have clarity with my identity and my purpose.
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