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100 YAY!'s in 30 Days - Day 2 - Trust, Vision and Red-Tailed Hawks.

10/09/2012 - Day 2

5). Trust. After years of working through trust issues I now realize the community of people I inadvertently not only trust, but at times, put my life and the lives of the ones I love into their hands. A few examples: Any driver. From the guy that taxis me to the trade show to the lady bussing my girl on a field-trip. Chefs, mechanics, electricians and doctors. The people that designed, manufactured and installed the power steering in my car. The equations and combinations of the connectedness between members of our community are without limit. To trust ourselves and others to do what is good and right and maintain the unity in community is most definately a YAY!
6). Vision. I've sported specs since I was a Kindergartener. To wake up each day and see clearly without the use of my ever increasing lens prescription would be dreamy. Actually, I can see clearly without glasses, providing the object is no more than four inches away.
7). Red-Tailed hawks. If ever given the chance by the Great Creator to come back in a non-human form it would surely be as a Red-tailed hawk. Here in Colorado, I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed and been awed by these Red-tailed raptors. One particular instance when building one of my past residences in Southern Colorado, I was stradling the peak of the roof when a feathery blur whistled by in my peripheral vision. In the split second of my glance the hawk disappeared behind some Pinyon Pine, wings tucked tight to its body and absolutely focused on the prey. I later read Red-tails can dive in the vicinity of 120 mph. I guess coming back as a housecat wouldn't be all bad either.

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