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100 YAY!'s in 30 Days - Day 3 - Music, My Grandma and Greenspace

8). Music. I love the visual arts but consider music the ultimate form of human expression. From hummed lullabies to fifes and drums mustering the courage to battle, music can evoke every emotion in every language. In my case, Avant-garde jazz makes me want to commit a felony and 17th and 18th century classical keeps me in my happy place. Dubstep just makes me want to drive way too fast.
9). My Grandma. (Mary Margaret Egan) As timing would have it, I missed three of my four grandparents. Grandma Egan, my moms mom, looks back at me with wire frames a floral 1930's dress and dimpled smile. I half expect her to wave and blow a kiss like the photos in Harry Potter movies (and the other half of me wishes she would). Through stories from grandmas daughter, I've heard of her limitless generosity. Having lived near a rural rail line in Ohio, it was common for (not PC here) hobos to frequent grandmas back porch asking for food. At the very least, an egg sandwich was always on offer preluded by a warm wash pan to clean up in before the meal. Only one of, I'm sure hundreds of similar stories that the B&O Railroad produced in those days and that still inspire me today. What can I do to be more like Grandma Egan? (minus the floral dress of course).
10). Greenspace. Denver has over 4000 acres of Greenspace, that is, parks and parkways. On our daily dog walks along the Platte River we've seen bald eagles, snapping turtles, muskrats, foxes, raccoons, beavers, red-tailed hawks, peregrin falcons and myriad of water fowl. My favorite though is the nearly one square mile City Park. It boasts trees that were mere saplings when Colorado became a state in 1876. To picnic, read and while the afternoon away under the dappled canopy is some serious and needed me-time. Bringing the ones I love along makes some serious we-time.
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