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100 YAY!'s in 30 Days - Day 4 - Help, Autumn and Layers

10/11/2012 - Day 4
11). Help. For too many years my 'My way or the highway' mentality kept me from truly excelling. Getting out of egos pythonic hold has taken more than a little effort and delegating duties has been a freeing Godsend. Enter our New Zealander buddy and next door neighbor Steve. He handcrafts all of our YAY! LiFE! magnet displays right here in Denver. And Dave, our warehouse ninja that sends boxes full of YAY!'s out into the world five days a week armed with little more than a highlighter and packing tape dispenser. You guys ROCK!
12). Autumn. As a kid walking to school in my little hometown of Somerset Ohio, the route to my classes was exactly two turns, four blocks and maybe 15 minutes. After school was more like 38 turns, 16 blocks and two hours. My memory goes to West Sheridan Avenue and ankle deep red and yellow leaves and the last leg of my arduous trip home from school. One of my favorite stops this time of year was in front of Picketts house, near the foot of Pigfoot Hill. A giant buckeye tree loaded with the state's namesake nut. I would underhand my yellow plastic Snoopy lunchbox into the branches and pods of rhine wrapped treasures until I had enough to fill my lunchbox turned projectile. I've to this day never figured the point of Mother Nature creating such a beautiful, inedible nut, yet true fall jewel. I had to Google buckeyes and get to the bottom of the mystery. More than one source suggested guys keeping buckeyes in their pockets "Is that a buckeye in your pocket or are you...." 13). Layers. Finally, after a record setting summer of twice the amount of days over 90 degrees (61) here in Denver, it's time to bust out my favorite wool sweater. A prized and durable souvenir from Ireland over a decade ago with the smell of lanolin to prove its authentic origins. Maybe that's actually man-olin I'm smelling?
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