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100 YAY!'s in 30 Days - Day One - My Roommates, Family, Tea, Bees and Honey

So I was going to name this October feature 30 YAY!'s in 30 Days, in all honesty for me, it's more like 1000 YAY!'s in 30 Days. I'll keep it managable and go with 100. Here at YAY! LiFE! HQ we focus a lot of energy on the positive, the good, the half-full and the amazing, common and mundane things that make us say YAY! everyday. Follow along with me over the next month and read my daily three or four things that I'm most grateful to have in my life. . . . my YAY! LiFE! Share your YAY!'s with us and we'll select a weekly winner to receive a FREE YAY! LiFE! iron-on transfer and YAY! LiFE! car magnet!

10/08/12 1. Roommates. (tie) My beautiful green-eyed wife and spunky, pistol of an eight-year-old daughter.
2. Family. To have them back after making the multi-year choice of being out of touch and unreachable. Times were much different then as I was in a self induced stew of anger, shame and mistrust and took it all out on the ones I love most.
3. Tea. My morning ritual of adding hot water to dried tea leaves, steeped, then carefully partnered with milk and honey. Close eyes, sip, make theatrical AHHH! sound, repeat. (A perfect segway to #4 and again, a tie).
4. Bees and Honey. Seriously, bees are to me one of the Top 5 Most Amazing Creatures on the Planet. They basically pollinate around $14 billion in U.S. crops annually. . . for free. And if that's not enough, work some magic in their spare time amid perfectly created hexagonal celled hives mixing their collected flower nectar and enzymes (they themselves produce) and VOILA! HONEY! Thank you misunderstood, endangered little workaholics! Two of my favorite bee related bumper stickers: No Bees, No Food and Give Bees a Chance.

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