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YAYsayer 1/12/16

Is there someone you wish you could thank, living or dead?
"I would thank Lynne, because even though I think we're pretty well formed in our lives at this time, there's always opportunities for change and she's pointed out things to me about the way I am that have been hugely helpful. And I thank her for that."
"I would thank my High School french teacher for teaching in a way that made me want to learn even more things. She was probably the best teacher I've ever had, Gail Hopkins. It was MissHopkins at the time and she was fresh out of college, early twenties and I probably had a crush on her [laughs]......but she just had this tremendous way of teaching that made me fall in love with the french language."
"Here's one, I'd thank everybody that's ever written a book, or painted a picture, or made a movie, or taken a photograph or made music, you know, written a song that really knocks you out. Anyone that's created something moving and beautiful, things that enriched my life." 

What's the most recent kind gesture you gave someone that you didn't know? "This afternoon at the bank when I made a deposit. The teller invited me up while the guy in line ahead of me had to make a phone call and I told him [teller] how much I appreciated him doing that...I love making kind gestures to people, I do it all the time. I flash people the peace sign!"

What do you wish you had less of?
Blackheads! [much laughing]
"Stuff. Stuff in my garage. Conflicts with my spouse. Bad habits.....the times I forget the world doesn't revolve around me, when I forget to put other people first, that's my fatal flaw, I work on that one a lot."

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