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Corn Maze - YAY! FALL! YAY! FAMILY! #tbt

YAY! FALL! I have no idea what year this was . . .I am thinking maybe around 2000?My entire family got together at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and we went to a corn maze and haunted house. There were seven of us all in a rented minivan and when we pulled up to the haunted house, there was a huge line out into the parking lot. As if on cue, my entire family started screaming at the top of our lungs. It was that scary. :o) Did I mention that my family is a pack of weirdos? Everyone in line was staring at our van because of the screaming coming from it. Good times. What's even better about this photo, is that my sister's boyfriend at the time, who turned out to be pretty much crazy - his face is completely obliterated by a corn stalk, so I didn't have to crop him out.
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