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All about Dad!

Father's Day is just around the corner, and I always seem to struggle with finding that perfect gift for dad. Maybe more YAY! magnets? Or perhaps it's just telling him how much he is loved and appreciated. That's what we are all about at YAY! LiFE! Helping people celebrate what they love. I make it a point to tell my dad every time I talk to him or see him,  "I Love You Pops".  I can't recall when I started calling him "Pops" but my dad liked it, so it stuck.  My dad is a big teddy bear at 6' 4", and has a generous heart.  He can however, be fairly intimidating, especially when it comes to new boyfriends. The funniest time was in my early twenties; my boyfriend at the time saw that my dad was home, and instead of driving me the rest of the way home, he slammed on his breaks and said, "you're walking."  Really?!  Thanks dad! My dad is a southern gent and a Cajun chef, who has made Durango, Co his home. Sharing his culinary delights with his many admirers.  My dad's bread pudding with whiskey sauce will make a grown man cry, and his gumbo and crab cakes a sweet lady swear!  He knows his stuff and caters it well Norton style! Known as Bubby instead of Grandpa, my niece adores him, especially since he loves to tickle her making her laugh until she's pink in the face. They are kindred spirits; she loves it when he visits, but hates it when he leaves. I love my dad for everything that he has given me, for everything that he is, for his big heart and ongoing support.  I'm still struggling on what to get him for Father's Day, but one thing is for certain, it will be filled with lots of love. How will you celebrate the dad in your life this Father's Day? Don't delay...as it's only a week away!! Perhaps a YAY! magnet is in his future??

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