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Day twelve of #365daysofYAY

Today my YAY! was pretty darn YAY! My first introduction to Tama Kieves was a quote by her someone had posted on their Facebook page. The quote really spoke to me so I got some of her books from the library. I read "Inspired and Unstoppable" over the holidays. Wow. It spoke to me so clearly. I found it reassuring and inspiring. I laughed, I cried.  I just wondered how she was saying EXACTLY what I needed to hear and it felt like she was inside my head at times. I felt like she was a friend I hadn't met yet. I am part of a women's group and four of us meet every two three weeks and I mentioned to them my LOVE of this book and discovered that two of the three other women had studied personally with Tama. One of the women in my group invited me to a private event that Tama was holding in her home tonight for current and former students. Then Kenna got sick and couldn't go. I debated on going by myself - to this private event I wasn't invited to at someone's house I'd never met with no one there I knew. But then Cheryl decided to go last minute. She'd last taken Tama's class twelve years ago and was excited to see her again. It was quite the reunion! Cheryl got to reconnect with another fellow classmate who recently moved back to Denver after twelve years away. And I got to meet Tama and tell her thank you for writing such an amazing book and I got my own signed copies of "Inspired and Unstoppable" and "A Year Without Fear" - and here's my proof. You can find out more about Tama's amazingness and buy her books at her website tamakieves.com What's making you say YAY! each day? Share with us in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #365daysofYAY
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