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Easter Seals Employee of the Month

We are so proud of Rachel! Rachel is a hardworking Easter Seals employee at YAY Life, who loves her job. When Rachel isn't at work you can most likely find her training at one of the many sports she enjoys, like bowling, floor hockey, soccer and cross-country skiing. It's the latter that will take Rachel all the way to PeyongChang, South Korea for the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games to compete for a cross-country skiing medal. Rachel began skiing with her mom and brother at the age of 18. After her brother dubbed her Queen of the Mountain and suggested she try for the Special Olympics, Rachel started taking the sport more seriously. Her favorite part about skiing is going down the mountains without falling and the exercise she gets from it. She will first travel to Lake Placid, New York for five days and then to PeyongChang, South Korea at the end of January 2013. Rachel looks forward to training in New York because the mountains will be extreme and then on to South Korea where she has never been and is excited to see something new. In the mean time Rachel will continue her training in Colorado at her favorite spot, Devil's Thumb Ranch. Easter Seals wishes Rachel the best of luck! Click here to learn more about the Special Olympics World Winter Games.
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