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Gnome Spottings!

A gnome is defined as a diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, or a small, humanoid creature that lives underground. Regardless, they are forest dwellers, and have been spotted lurking about. I recently spotted one in the health food store among the dandelion greens with a mushroom in its hand trying to look inconspicuous, but I am onto you. I also spotted a few more at the Gnome's Nook Confectioners - a cute little shop full of chocolate, candies, and all things Gnome. If given a choice - I'd prefer chocolate over dandelion greens any day. The gnomes here look happy, fat and jovial. Here at the Gnome's Nook they celebrate the wonder...and might just make believers out of you. "They are there if you believe, and if in your heart you know it is true, and if you do you will find them too!" Have you spotted a gnome lately? Leave a comment below and please do let us know!
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