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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

We wanted to share some e-mail correspondence in honor of this 4th of July and to thank Gerald for his service.

I know this is a long shot, but here it is.

My boyfriend deployed for the Marines and had your Yay! Adventure trucker hat, the one with the words on a patch (see attached photo) call it superstition or coincidence but his convoy was attacked and he was one of 3 of 26 to survive it. He claims it was the hat that brought him luck. The hat got lost who knows how but now he's off on his next adventure, commercial fishing in Alaska. The job is insanely dangerous and I wanted surprise him with his good luck charm that has been since lost over seas. I know the web site doesn't show this design but is there ANY way you have a secret stash of them somewhere?? 

Pretty please and thank you for your time
xo Sandra and Gerald
Hi Sandra,
Thanks so much for reaching out. Wow! what a story. So . . .  the good news is, we have a few YAY! ADVENTURE! hats that didn't quite make the cut to be sold at retail. This may be because of slight flaws that most people wouldn't notice because we're probably really picky. We'd like to just send you one to give your boyfriend as a gift as our way of thanking him for his service. Send me your mailing address and we'll get it on its way in time for Gerald's next adventure.
You have me in tears right now! You guys are absolutely amazing!! I'll definitely be sending you pictures of him wearing it in Alaska ❤❤❤ 
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