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Happy Mother's Day! YAY! MOM! - by Carl

When I see my mom, even after several months away from her, she looks as she did, to me at least, as she did when I was a teenager. Other than being a bit wrinklier than before, thanks to the climate in Phoenix, her spirit shines through as it always has. Now in her 75th year and sharing life with her third, amazing, loving husband, mom is quick with a smile, perpetually positive and complains only of her golf game. In my twenties I knew everything, in my thirties I was unreachable, now in my forties I'm playing catch up. I call mom with some of the most random questions regarding family history and to just converse. She's a wealth of oral history and giver of advice only when asked . . . I ask for advice now more than ever. One of mom's mantras, which we heard many hundreds of times as kids, is "ask and you shall receive". Finally, after all these years, I realize the power and effectiveness of this simple quote and how to use this "advice" every single day . . . advice I will surely pass on to my daughter. Thanks mom for always being there. Even when I wasn't. Happy Mother's Day!
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