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Heidi's Story

A few weeks ago, after an appointment, Carl and I were sitting outside having lunch at a restaurant and I couldn't help but overhear the conversation from the table next to us. Two women were talking and I was recognizing some of the names and the places they were talking about. So I did what I always do - I talked to strangers. I mentioned that I couldn't help but overhear them. Turns out one of the women is a Soul Sweat dance instructor and teaches at the studio where I started my Soul Sweat training. We all started talking and it came up that Carl and I were the "YAY!" people and the other woman at the table shared this beautiful story below. It moved me so much that I asked her permission to share it with you and so here it is in Heidi's own words. "In 2012, I experienced loss of a job, financial security, home, relationship/love, community, my only daughter's transition to college and the sudden and unexpected death of my dad and only parent from age 2, only 2 days before he was moving back to Colorado from Arizona to be closer to me. These are really just the "highlights."
I lost my mind, myself; my identity as I knew it and my passion for living. I went into a deep depression; this was one of the darkest times of my life. This impacted my physical, emotional and mental health greatly.
A few months following my dad's death, I started working for an awesome, local non-profit. During the annual fundraiser, YAY! LiFE! magnets were given to all of the attendees, and since I worked for the organization, I was able to get my hands on a few extras for myself, family and friends.
At this time, I was definitely not feeling excited about life. I can safely say YAY! LiFE! was NOT my mantra at that time, quite the opposite. I was severely depressed, and some days not even sure how I would go on.
I put YAY! LiFE! magnets on my car, my cabinet at the office, and on my fridge where I could see them every day. Seemed ironic to me at the time, but I was very motivated to grab as many of these magnets as I could get my hands on, and put them everywhere I could see them.
Even though on the inside, I was feeling quite the opposite about life, the magnets severed as a constant reminder that life is a gift, and something to be excited about. Even though I wasn't feeling it from the inside-out, sometimes working from the outside-in (as I like to say, fake it 'til you make it) can cause a shift, and for me, it was this approach that eventually helped pull me through this very dark time.
When I met Rachelle and Carl, and learned they were the founders of YAY! LiFE!, I told them how I was a huge fan of their company, one because it is just plain fun! YAY! BIKES! YAY! COLORADO! YAY! MOUNTAINS! YAY! DOGS! YAY! CHOCOLATE! YAY! YOGA! What's not to love?
But it goes way beyond fun, for me, my YAY! LiFE! magnets helped me through a very difficult time, and today, I am back to feeling YAY! LiFE! from the inside-out, something I could not have said just a couple years ago.
I am so grateful for the the idea Rachelle and Carl had in starting YAY! LiFE! So much more than fun magnets! (And, as a side note, I think it is serendipitous that it was over pumpkin pie, as that is my favorite dessert, which I advocate for having available year round and request for my birthday every year in lieu of cake! YAY! Pumpkin Pie!
YAY! YAY! LiFE! YAY! Rachelle and Carl for their vision!" - Heidi Swoboda
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