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Home Sweet Home - by Carl

For most of us in the Western World, our home; be it an apartment, RV, brick tudor or farmhouse in the open countryside is most likely our most valued and treasured square footage on the entire planet. Home offers us every comfort, fulfills nearly every daily need and protects us from every curve ball Mother Nature feels like heaving our way. Yeah, right. Waking up to see the devastation, once again, on the other side of the world; this time in exotic sounding Kathmandu makes me wonder why earthquakes seem to almost knowingly select the poorest of the poor places to remodel. Like some thug Mother Nature deploys on a whim as an example of what could be in my neighborhood. I consider the kitchen wall giving way while I grind coffee beans in my robe. On polished wood floors. In a sixty-eight degree kitchen where there’s a brushed nickel faucet to dispense a million gallons of clean water if I so choose. Oh, and there’s sparkling water in the fridge. From Italy. If She were to Mapquest ___________ (your city) and send out the demolition crew for fun, would all things civil hit the fan OR would we take our neighbor into consideration and divvy provisions? Disaster is a fantastic test of character. From what I’ve seen and experienced first hand after surviving the mighty blizzard of ’78 in Ohio, country folk pull together and circle the wagons, knowing the strength in numbers and that everyone counts. I don’t remember a single incident of a cement block getting thrown through the plate glass window of our local hardware to loot a television or roving packs of youth running amuck in parkas. From what I’ve seen on the BBC, a simple $8 tarp from Home Depot might be all that stands between life and death for one’s family as a cold, driving rain settles the dust after the demo crew has left a city, or fifty, piled in it’s wake. I’m not asking anyone to send anything more than heartfelt prayers to the other side of the globe; but it did hit home for me when I saw some of the kids that huddled in the mud beside what meager belongings they could salvage were about the size and age of my daughter. Listen to "Home Sweet Home" on SoundCloud

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