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The Joys of Self Employment

YAY! SNOW! I can actually say this and really mean it. YAY! LiFE! is a business based in Denver, CO. It has been really cold here in Denver recently. I mean high of 11 degrees yesterday cold. And I have been loving it, and I think I know why. It's not because I ski, or snowboard or participate in any winter sports (although we have YAY! magnets for those). It's because I am self-employed. As co-owner of YAY! LiFE! with my boyfriend Carl, I have the luxury of running the business from our home with the warehouse within walking distance. So far the past three days our car hasn't left the garage and we've left the house twice to walk the dog, coupled with a walk to the grocery for provisions. I am so grateful. Grateful for our warm home, big pots of soup you can eat from for days, loving pets curled at your feet and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree as I sit looking out at the snow blowing sideways in the streetlamp light. YAY! SNOW!
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