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My YAY! is: Bunnies!

Nickname: Cindy
My YAY! is: Bunnies!

I would love to be able to share YAY! BUNNIES! magnets with a very special group of friends. We’re a couple dozen moms from all over the U.S. (and a few from Canada), who originally met up via a parenting website back in 2004 when we were all expecting our first babies. We were all due sometime in April of 2005, so we used the name “April bunnies” to identify our daily forum threads.

Every day brought us closer to motherhood, and closer to each other as we shared knowledge, soothed anxiety, commiserated about aches and pains, and expressed our excitement. Even after we migrated to social media, the “bunnies” name stuck–and we’ve stuck together, meeting up in person whenever we can and sharing our parenting joys and struggles from day to day.

Our oldest “baby bunnies” are in middle school now, and they have honorary aunties from coast to coast, and Alberta down to Florida. We know we’re lucky to have this great support network, and we celebrate each other and the richness and perspective we’ve brought to one another’s lives.

Of course, many people who breed, raise, show, and enjoy rabbits would probably love to see YAY! BUNNIES! products as well. Bunnies of the four-legged variety are awesome too. 

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