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Oh Christmas Tree . . . .

Mmmmmm, our house is filled with the smell of fresh pine. We've completed our annual tradition of walking to the 30ft tall milk can in our neighborhood known as 'Little Man Ice Cream" that doubles as a Christmas Tree lot during the holidays, to select a tree and pull it home in our wagon. I forgot to take pictures this year, but I do have some from years past. The kid is a lot taller these days and no longer believes in Santa Claus, but she's still as much of a goofball, and Christmas Spirit is still alive and well in our home. Growing up, my memories are of an artificial tree covered mostly in ornaments handmade by myself or my siblings, and gobs and gobs of loose, silver, tinsel strings that we would be finding for months after the tree and decorations were packed safely away. I still have a few of those ornaments from my childhood and so does Carl. We've started a tradition with Clary of giving her an ornament every year and signing and dating it, so she'll have a collection of ornaments when she moves out on her own and has her own tree. This is our favorite - The Santaur - from Archie McPhee. When I was single and living in an apartment with my two cats, I had a tiny, artificial tree. It sat a shelf by my fireplace. Without fail, every time I returned home after being out, the tree would be on the floor. I can only imagine my cats dive bombing it the minute I walked out the door. I learned quickly to only decorate it with unbreakable ornaments. Do you have any special memories of getting your tree from your childhood? Do you have a current Christmas tree tradition? Share them with us in the comments and we'll send you a free holiday themed YAY! magnet of your choice for your stocking! Choose from YAY! NAUGHTY!, YAY! NICE!, YAY! EGGNOG!, YAY! ELVES!, YAY! CHRISTMAS!, YAY! HANUKKAH! and YAY! FESTIVUS! (for the rest of us)  
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