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The antidote for cynicism

If you believe that showing your excitement is uncool, then YAY! isn’t for you.

If you like to play it cool and “look good”, then YAY! isn’t for you.

If you’re a cynic, then YAY! isn’t for you.

If you believe that focusing on the good is naïve, then YAY! isn’t for you.

If you can’t imagine surrendering to unadulterated joy, unbridled enthusiasm and sheer delight, then YAY! isn’t for you.

But if you’re brave enough to risk the vulnerability of joy, then you are a YAYsayer.  

YAY! is the antidote for cynicism. It’s unapologetically stoked.

At YAY! LiFE! we believe that people living in their authenticity, being true to themselves and focusing on the good in themselves and in the world is just the YAYvolution we need. We believe that we’re more similar than different and if we could just risk laying down our armor and being truly seen, with a willingness to see other people, the world could change for the better.

 What if the powers that be benefit from your cynicism, your hopelessness, your despair and broken heart? YAY! LiFE! helps us recapture our childhood innocence and exuberance. Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that this isn’t a useful way to be. But think of how much power we can wield now with a willingness to be excited and enthusiastic, but with all of our adult tools like discernment and healthy boundaries at our disposal.

Don’t underestimate the power of JOY. YAY! LiFE! is about creating the world we want to live in. Not by ignoring the problems, but by celebrating what we love to create a new paradigm. It takes courage to get your hopes up. This is the YAYvolution.

Our mission at YAY! LiFE! is to encourage people to celebrate who they are and what they love, creating a ripple effect of joy and abundance for all people and the planet.

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  • Your idea behind “Yay!” is awesome and perfect timing for our current world.
    Would love to see (and would be more apt to buy products) some profits being donated to helping others. Just an idea!
    Thank you for putting good vibrations out into our shared world!! (YayYOU!!)- Meg Schultz

    Meg Schultz

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