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The Great Elf Strike of 72 - by Carl

The Great Elf Strike of 72- At least that's what I'm guessing happened since Santa seemed to've used Fisher-Price as a subcontractor that year. The toy designers at Fisher-Price in those days had a firm grasp on what kids wanted, and maybe needed. Fun. Durability. Unisex. Fun. And no batteries required. I received the camper in the same calendar year along with the jet, car garage (hand crank elevator) and barn (moo-ing barn door). The camper is all that's survived during the volleying process over the past 43 years between myself, my nieces, their neighbor's kids and now back to my grand-niece in Ohio. As of a week ago, I entrusted the priceless artifact to FedEx to road trip the camper, row boat and family of five once again to within a mile of where Santa delivered it to me on my fifth Christmas. Still smiling and picnicking (and photobombing) in all their limb-less glory. What's you're fondest toy memories from when you were a kid??
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