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I'm dedicating today's post to the Rewired Life Blog Tour, where we are all exploring and digging deeper in the concepts of Loving yourself, Healing your body and mind, and Celebrating life. I am so honored to be in the company of so many brilliant, giant-hearted souls. I have to say a big thank you to Audrey Michel for inviting me to participate. Her courage and vulnerability in sharing her journey of healing set the bar for all of us participating in the tour. I am wrapping up with the theme of Celebration. It seems appropriate, being the owner of a company called YAY! LiFE! You can check out all the prior posts here:
At YAY! LiFE! we help people celebrate what they love with hundreds of YAY! titles. We believe that just the slightest focus onto the things that make us happy can make a big difference. Over the past few years I struggled with that focus. My life and the business felt like a problem that I needed to figure out. Like if I could just get some mystical combination lock just right, all the secrets of the universe would reveal themselves to me and I would be successful beyond my wildest dreams. And then everything would be okay. Then I could be happy. Then I could start focusing on doing more of the things that make my soul sing. So I spent years trying to MAKE something happen. We live in a culture where we're told anything is possible, so if I couldn't get something to be possible, what did that mean about me? I felt like a failure and I kept pushing. The voices inside my head were running rampant. I knew it! I'm being punished! Other people can seem to figure this out, why can't I? I HAVE to make this work. I had squeezed all the joy out of my life because of my focus on a perceived problem. And, oh the irony that this all happened while running a business called YAY! LiFE! I often joke that I became a victim of YAY! I was exhausted. I couldn't keep pushing. I was tired of waiting for the perfect conditions in my life to dictate my happiness. So I gave up - I dropped out. I took a few months off to lay low and lick my wounds, doing only the minimum necessary to keep things up and running. I couldn't let the end justify my means anymore. I had been willing to put myself through a lot of suffering for that one. The means are our lives. It's all - RIGHT NOW. And finally, I decided if I can't create something joyously, than it's not worth creating. There's a quote by John Lennon, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Usually when I'm suffering it's because I am doing something that I don't really want to do, something that doesn't feel true for me. I'm doing it because it's part of someone else's success story that I've bought. Oftentimes I've spent money for it, or sunk money into it. And dammit, I paid good money for this, so I have to make it work for me - I'm INVESTED. I can't let it go! Until you can't afford to not let it go. And then I decided to be FREE. We will always do it until we're done. I stopped trying to solve a problem and with the energy that freed up, I began to listen to my soul and let it lead me to taking actions that felt good - most of them having NOTHING to do with running a business. I started making art again. I started dancing more. I started writing poetry. I felt good. I felt joy again. And things started to happen in the business and in my life that seemed completely unrelated to the actions I was taking, but were they really? From this journey over the past few years, I've created a process to share with others called Cosmic Upgrade. I've started creating new artwork in an entirely new medium. I am going through the process of becoming a dance instructor. My life started working again. Because I wasn't hovering over it screaming, "Do something dammit!" Funny how that works. What if all the answers we need are inside of us? I know, scary thought! Right? Shit! We aren't waiting to be rescued, we are not off the hook. We can't rely on someone else's magic formula for our own life. Each one of us is a miracle. We are a pulsating mass of atoms and energy and our alchemical blueprint for success is as unique as our fingerprint. It takes a big leap of faith to hop off the hamster wheel of numbing action and achievement to slow down enough to allow grace to enter our lives and begin to move on our behalf. Action taken from within a limiting a belief feels desperate. We feel the need to prove something. We're not resting in the fullness of our being where we have unlimited support. Can you imagine that YOU, right NOW, right as you are in this moment, without any "improvements" or taking any action, is worthy of, and can inspire a league of unseen forces and energies to work on your behalf? The time to celebrate is NOW. YAY! Read more about Cosmic Upgrade at and make sure and check out yesterday's blog on the Rewired Life Book Tour by the always amazing Sonja Wieck. You can download a free sample of Audrey's book "Rewired Life" here.
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