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YAY! CAMPING! - The Great Sand Dunes National Park

YAY! CAMPING! We just got back from a splendid weekend at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. We spent a morning hiking the dunes and found that even by 10 am the sand was getting too hot to walk on for our sweet dog Belle. Also, with the lack of rain, the dunes were not a solid pack and it was a strenuous hike just to get across the flatland to the dunes. Here is Belle after our short excursion. Belle had a great trip. With our new ginormous tent with two compartments, she gets to cuddle up with Clary and sleep with the humans all night. When it's time to go, she jumps in the YAY! LiFE! van and settles in between the seats for whatever type of drive. We got to hike a little, relax a little, read a little - even shower a little with the handmade solar shower Carl rigged up for us! Here are some shots from and of our campsite. Our last evening in the park, we were enjoying our s'mores when a light rain began to fall and we were blessed with a rainbow. And what was at the end of it? YAY! LiFE! of course!
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