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A big shout out to Cori from the Crow's Nest Beach Market in Santa Cruz, California for being our YAY! Featured Retailer for December! 

Crow's Nest Beach Market

What do you do in your store to nurture your community culture?
Many of our customers are just visiting Santa Cruz so we try to carry a lot of products that make great souvenirs. I absolutely love buying product from local artists and think it’s so cool that our customers can bring home something so truly local from their vacation.


What trend do you see in your indie business that you're excited about?
I am loving this adult coloring book trend right now! Who doesn’t love being creative?

What's something you feel people should do more of?
Get outside!!

What changes or improvements do you have planned for your business in 2016?
I would love to do more events next year to get more local people in the shop and definitely become more active in social media.

What's something in your business you're glad DIDN'T work out as you expected?
Before we opened we had no idea what our numbers would be like. Our building is in the Santa Cruz Harbor with no other shops around it and not very much foot traffic, especially in the winter. We expected our sales to be high in the summer and pretty much nonexistent in the winter but it has stayed pretty consistent, which is great! Our local clientele has been spreading the word, which is amazing, and we are SO thankful!


What's been one of the most pleasant experiences of running your business/your job?
The building our shop is in used to be a bait shop and we REALLY transformed the space when we moved into it so hearing people’s reactions when they walk in is my absolute favorite! I also love forming relationships with our regular customers and meeting new customers every day!

What successful choices have you made in your business that others should consider doing?
One of the hardest things to do when you’re buying is take big risks but I’ve found if you are really passionate about the product you are buying it WILL sell! If you really love something it will be easy to get customers excited about it as well!

What makes you say YAY!?
The beach, live music, my tortoise Coltrane and Italian food (especially spaghetti)!


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