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YAY! FARMERS! - by Carl

In 1968, I was one of the chosen few lucky enough and blessed enough to grow up in an Ohio farming community. A family friend (a farmer) was always known to say "treat your work like play and have fun all day". How true this simple mantra was and still is all these years later. As kids baling hay in heat and humidity only a July in Ohio can muster up we 'played' the day away. Laughing, working and cavorting with my cousins even as hundreds of bales of prime alfalfa hay passed our calloused and splintered hands in an afternoon.......we played. Tanned and tired we'd truck home down dusty back roads equally thick with the scent of fresh cut hay and lightning bugs, just as our fathers did years prior and theirs before them. Home to bed with an exhausted body and restless mind.......looking forward to tomorrow.

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