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YAY! Featured Retailer Second Star to the Right

Thanks so much to Second Star to the Right for being a YAY! retailer and taking the time to chat with us!

What do you do in your store to nurture your community culture?

We’re very proud to be the kind of place that opens its doors to everyone: nursing mothers, teens in search of a safe haven, the boisterous, the shy… the list goes on.  From hosting charity drives and providing donations, to our school & educator outreach, we do our best to support the community around us. And of course, there’s our storytimes and author visits which we cater to our vibrant community of readers and writers.

What trend do you see in your indie business that you're excited about?

We’re beyond excited by the publishing industry’s move towards greater diversity and inclusivity in the books that are being published, like Prince & Knight, My Papi Has a Motorcycle, Internment, and so many more!

What's the best advice you can share that will apply to everyone?

Always be yourself. Unapologetically. 

What's something you feel people should do more of?

Listen. Especially to viewpoints that aren’t our own. If we keep entering conversations to win them, we never learn anything. And we never give ourselves the chance to truly know one another. It’s part of why we love books so much. They offer a portal to worlds other than our own, and show us how much we have in common with one another.

What changes or improvements do you have planned for your business?

We’re really looking forward to expanding our store on South Pearl Street. We have more shelves, a wonderful event space, an outdoor reading nook, and even a pirate ship to read in.

What's something in your business you're glad DIDN'T work out as you hoped?

We nearly moved our store from Tennyson to South Broadway. In retrospect, parking would have been a nightmare for customers, especially those with strollers.

What's the most recent kind gesture you received from someone you didn't know?

A few years ago, someone left behind a kindness rock on our bookshelves - a sweet surprise when we were cleaning at the end of a long day. Now we make our very own kindness rocks during Crafternoons with Lisa that kids can take with them and leave behind to spread that same sense of joy throughout the community.

What's a success you'd love to see someone close to you achieve?

My daughter has an apothecary she’s begun, and my son and daughter in law are actually starting a snack shop at the bookstore. I’d love for them both to thrive!

What's been one of the most pleasant experiences of running your business/your job?

The smile on a child’s face when they find the perfect book, the one that solidifies their lifetime love of reading. As well as getting to know the incredible community of authors we have right here in Colorado.

What successful choices have you made in your business that others should consider doing?

  • Be open to opportunities. Surround yourself with a team that allows you to focus on what you’re good at, and helps with areas that aren’t your strong suit.  

  • What makes you say YAY!?

    Books. Doggos. Diversity. And did we mention books?

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