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YAY! FRIENDS! by Cori Keeton Pope

Today we'd like to thank Cori Keeton Pope for her guest blog celebrating the friends who are there when you need them. YAY! FRIENDS! Last night after tucking the kiddos in to bed, tidying up the house and checking email one last time, it was finally time to relax with a bowl of ice cream. When I opened the carton, it was so soupy I could have drunk it with a straw. Perplexed, I pulled out a second, and then a third carton before I realized: the freezer wasn't working, and neither was the refrigerator. The hubby and I kicked into crisis mode, realizing it was after 9:00 p.m. and we would lose all of our food if we didn't figure something out fast. Not only was it late, it was pouring down rain. As he threw on a raincoat and headed out to buy ice, I sent text messages to four friends asking first if they were still awake, and second if we could borrow a cooler. Within 10 minutes, all four had responded. One neighbor braved the downpour to bring us two coolers. Another responded from a restaurant where she and her husband were celebrating his birthday and told us how to get into their garage so we could "help ourselves" to their coolers. Yet another pulled not one, not two, but four coolers out of storage and had them ready for us within minutes. By 9:30, our kitchen floor was covered with borrowed coolers, which we packed full of the contents of our refrigerator and freezer. We didn't lose a single food item, but more importantly we realized just how lucky we are to have so many friends we can call on for favor on a rainy Wednesday night. And I'd rather have that than ice cream any day.
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