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Ciao Amici! Ever since I spent a semester abroad in Italy, I have been fascinated with the food, the wine, the coffee, the fashion, the culture, and yes...the Italian men! If you only saw the model I had for my figure drawing class, a work of art himself, molto bello! I was surrounded by artful masterpieces everyday; from the architecture and the breathtaking scenery to the museums, and the gelato - whoever invented that was pure genius! Italians live with such passion, which definitely left an impression on me. They are not a shy culture, they live out loud, they speak using their entire body, excitedly gesturing while using an expressive tone, and are very direct. Italians work to live, not live to work like we so often do in America. They take siestas in the afternoon, something I am highly in favor of! They put life first which includes their family, friends, delicious yet simple meals, drinking wine, having fun, and enjoying each day as it comes. What's not to admire about that? Now if I could just master the Italian language I'd be set! Any volunteers? YAY! ITALIAN!
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