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Sir Brian Longshanks. Probably the most ridiculous name for a kitten and also the most appropriate. Christened Hansen by his rescuers, changed to Handsome when we brought him home, then to Smoovee, then to Brian. Brian is our new 8 pound (up from 5 pounds when we brought him home) orange tabby cat (tasmanian devil). He is celebrating his first month with us by continuing his reign of terror (delight) upon us all. Sunny, our geriatric 15 year old tabby looks on with equal parts disgust and acceptance knowing years earlier, she too, could make three foot sideways, vertical, inverted ten point jumps. Belle our Yellow Lab, aka Yellow Belle uses all her willpower to not swallow Brian's head and instead contents herself with giving him random licks now and then. The use of band aids has been on the increase since Brian's arrival. Mostly for our shin and foot areas. Our once calm nights are now serenaded by the tinkling of cat toys, thuds from the other room, and stealthy, unnannounced pounces onto our heads and extremeties. Sunny does NOT care for this. Sir Brian Longshanks (based on his extra long half-Bobcat like legs) loves being carried and cuddled in almost any position and tends to sleep stretched out on his back like a weird little furry man. He is prone to climbing up in laps for extra cuddle time. He also has taken to fully grooming and spooning with one of Clary's stuffed animal cats. Perhaps it reminds him of one of his siblings? He also farts alot and digs most of the litter out of the litter box every time he uses it. It seems the perfect weird little kitten has found his way to his perfect home. The only photos we've been able to capture of him are when he is sleeping. It is the only time he is still enough to catch on film. We love Brian and only after a month, cannot imagine life without him (Sunny can).
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