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A YAY! mayonnaise magnet would go great with the YAY! ketchup, not to mention serve as a wonderful gag gift for people who are friends with people who despise the stuff. Mayonnaise is one of those things that you either love or hate, it only goes well with specific foods and therefore is not up to par with the universal uses that ketchup and mustard have to offer. In short: YAY! mayonnaise would aptly apply to those who like mayonnaise for obvious reasons, but also apply to those oppose to the stuff as a funny joke, eyebrow raiser, and even a satirical parody of the 90's where everything was a political statement... need i explain more?? Cheers, Travis to further the cause of producing a YAY! Mayonnaise magnet, I would like to make a few additional comments... 1: Appeal Mayonnaise has a universal appeal to carnivores and vegetarians alike. Vegans too, often speak about mayonnaise with bewilderment, disgust, loathing, but always a sense of tickling the dragon. It serves as an endless source for conversation at both private and public functions. The topic is an ice breaker for the timid host, or can be posed as a non-threatening pickup to a certain special someone. One who likes it, simply is not satisfied without it. They need it. it's part of every day life. Often people wonder what goes into making it, and to satisfy this curiosity the food channel has embarked on a number of television productions limited only to explicate the process of making Mayonnaise, ingredients, and even interviewing the people behind the machines. A Yay! Mayonnaise magnet is a reminder of the commitment to such a condiment. As surely the inside shelves of every refrigerator door carrying this magnet will attest. 2: Significance Mayonnaise has become a norm of American Society. A legendary condiment with a legacy of turmoil behind it. It's place and significance in world history cannot be denied any longer given it's now worldwide popularity. Beginning with a small town in 18th century Spain, mayo (as it is abbreviated today) according to legend was first served as a new age condiment, then dubbed Salsa Mahonesa. This first appearance of the stuff was a probable result of the French Duke Armand de Vignerot du Plessis defeated the British in 1756. From there the sauce was taken and savored by the French as a delicacy then referred to as Mayonnaise. The victory for the French, and the (to say the least) popularization of mayonnaise which lead to it's now universal appeal is all well and good, but there is also a striking historical parallel to this minor event. Unbeknownst to the French at the time, across Europe one of the most influential individuals of the century was about to emerge. Indeed, this particular date in the historical records is well documented and remembered. Not because of the French victory, or even the abduction of mayonnaise into the comestible vernacular, but because this was the year that W.A Mozart was born. Together, the music of the first child prodigy, Mozart, and this amazing sauce spurred the progression of humanity onward into the enlightenment. And today, neither are any less than they ever were. (According to this website, a Yay! Mozart magnet also does not yet exist; but while I also believe that Yay! Mozart would be a fine addition, I'll stick to the topic at hand.) 3: Reverence and recollection As you can see, the significance of Mayonnaise runs deep into the veins of our collective history. Without it, what would the world be today? History serves as a vital source of insight. The minds of those who came before us are needed to keep humanity moving forward. As so eloquently put by a the immortalized orator of ancient Rome, Cicero: Not to know what happened before you were born, is to remain forever a child. Therefore, this history comes also a personal responsibility for each individual in society to keep it pure and intact. Historical relics are key for this cause. Through learning and remembering the contributions of those who came before us, it gives one incentive to dare the future, and relish the past. The insatiable hunger of our people is a result of the plush worry free lives we live today. Let us not forget where we come from and the lives of those who fought in 1756, let us not forget all that mayonnaise represents: A shining star above a cradle of the most enduring classical era composer, whose music grips and cleanses the depths of the human soul.
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