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YAY! PETS! by Clary

Hi my name is Clary Reichley and I am seven years old. My dad started YAY! LiFE! with his wife, Rachelle here in Denver, CO. I want to tell you about my pets. My pets names are Belle, Sunny, Pendleton and Mia. Belle is a dog and Sunny, Pendleton and Mia are all cats. Belle is nine years old in dog years and 63 in human years. Sunny is 15 years old in cat years and 105 in human years. Pendleton is two years old in cat years and 14 years old in human years. Mia is eight years old in cat years and 56 years old in human years. Belle's personality Belle's personality is sweetness. Here is Belle's story. Belle had a litter of puppies and she lived on the street. People were very mean to her, but then the shelter found them and everybody got her puppies, but not her until a guy that was my stepmom's boyfriend adopted her, but she crawled on her belly until my stepmom found my Da and now she loves me. Sunny is a lazy old cat but very nice. Here is Sunny's story. Sunny got rescued by my Da and Mama and she was two years old and didn't have any front claws because the people that had her before we got her got her declawed. Pendleton's personality is scratching the wall. Here is Pendleton's story. Pendleton's mom was a feral cat and had a bobtail but Pendleton has a regular tail. Pendleton had four brothers. Pendleton was twelve weeks old when we got him. Mia's personality is every morning to jump on my bed and kiss me. Here is Mia's story. Mia was found on the streets by my Mom's friend's friend. She gave it to my Mom's friend but my Mom's friend was moving so she gave Mia to us.
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