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From Micky Mouse in Fantasia to Gandolf in Harry Potter, wizards have been fascinating us for years with their magical spells, fascinating beards, eccentric qualities, and scorcery. If given the the choice, I'd have a cape - dark purple, lined with turquoise, a magic wand, no beard as that would be a hard one for me, a hat, and a crystal ball to foretell of things to come. If you could be a wizard for a day, what would that look like for you? I recently visited The Wizard's Chest, Denver's most magical toy store and costume shop. I was welcomed by their own famous wizard, who looks a lot like Gandolf with sunglasses. Entering the toy store for the first time is like walking into a magical wonderland. They have everything you could imagine and more. One could spend hours in there.  They created it to be "a fantastical escape from the cold concrete of the 'real world'; a place where the childish spirit could run free." I think they achieved their mission. How will you let your child-like spirit run free today? Whatever you do, make it magical!
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