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YAYsayer #2 of 2016

Just in case you missed the first one, we're starting a new project called YAYsayers. It's a project we've been considering for a couple years and as 2016 begins, momentum and inspiration for this compilation of short stories is on the upswing. The theme of the YAYsayers series centers around connectedness, awareness and to show how we're all relatable and remarkable, united by our similarities rather than separated by our differences. We've created a list of 27 questions that apply to everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, color or zip code. Questions that are fun and thoughtful and meant to draw forth the answers and stories that will enlighten, inspire and help us realize to look with our hearts as much as with our eyes.  

What's the most rewarding work you could do look like?
"My writing is my most rewarding work. It used to be doing therapy until I got tired of doing therapy."
What's something you feel kids aren't being taught and should be?
"Oh-my-gosh I have a million things there! [laughs] I think kids are not being taught how to actually do things---like, they don't know how to fix a toilet. They don't know how to mow a yard---young boys especially aren't being taught any of the guy kinds of things. They're getting taught a lot of girl things, most of them know how to cook something now and maybe do the laundry but....who's doing the boy things? I think there's tons of kids that don't know how to change a tire. I think we have an inept thing coming up [with kids]."
"I've got a bunch of thoughts on this one...I think they are not being taught how to deal with adversity. And part of that is....and I'll add that I'm a psychologist for heaven sakes, the whole 'we don't want to hurt their little self-esteem' means, they're never told 'NO'. Take a look at American Idol and you have these people get on there, and they apparently have never been told 'Oh honey, you can't sing, you have a terrible voice'....they didn't do this person a favor by not saying no, no, no, you have a terrible voice, you can't sing, find something else. Nobody wants to hurt anybody's feelings, so you have all these people who are, from my point of view, kind of self-delusional. They're not learning to deal with disappointment or adversity."
What do you wish you had less of?
"I suppose anybody who knows me would probably think I should say pounds...but that's not it. [very long pause] okay, okay---the answer that would make me sound like a nicer person would be, I wish I had less impatience with people...but I really don't wish I had less impatience with people. Technically, I don't have impatience with all people, just the ones that annoy the hell out of me."

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