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YAYsayer Alissa!

Meet YAYsayer Alissa! And be sure to check her out in Boulder Dinner Theater's Thoroughly Modern Millie. You can get tickets here:  

What's the most kind gesture someone you didn't know gave you? When I moved to Denver in 2015, Mary the owner of the Academy of Theater Arts where I started teaching last year, was so kind and took me under her wing. I even had some auditions and didn't even charge me for some dance classes and after that we started trading voice lessons for dance lessons and it was cool to come together and exchange our arts. What's something you feel people should do more of? Get outside and take walks. Even if I am having a grumpy day or get in work mode, just going out and taking a walk and chilling for a second really grounds me and I feel that could be really helpful for a lot of people. Just relax for a minute and have a different perspective instead of getting into your bubble all the time. Getting your body moving is a good thing. What's one of your most fond memories as a kid? This is just because of the time coming up and it is on my mind, but my mom absolutely loves the Minnesota State Fair. It's so fun and I think it is more fun going with my mom because she loves it so much and she gets so excited. We don't go on any rides or anything and we eat some good food and stuff but she gets so excited going in all the buildings and seeing all the stuff, looking at all the shops and she lights up with so much excitement and it makes me so happy to be there with her. I have gone almost every year of my life with her. It's over her birthday and that's why it is always really exciting all the time as we go on her birthday to celebrate with her.

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