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YAYsayer for Groundhog Day - February 2, 2016

YAY! It's February! And our YAYsayer for today is Carl's Mom - Charlotte!

What's the best advice you can offer that would apply to everyone?
"To be kind, to be considerate and loving."

What's one of your most fond memories as a kid?
"The lady that lived down the street from us didn't have any children of her own---and she invited me to her house for lunch! I was only six or seven years old and thought it was really quite remarkable. Her name was Mrs. Dunn, and we had HOT soup served with sterling silver spoons, I remember the spoon got really hot---I'd never eaten from sterling silver before!"

What do you wish you had less of? 
"Material things. Sometimes we just have too many things and I think that less is more---I'm trying to delete some things but it's kind'a hard to do [laughs] after a lifetime of stuff you know?! I think our society today seems to think they need to have so much to be happy and content and so on---to brag perhaps or to show off? My other answer would be to have less judgment on people. It's so easy to do."

What makes me say YAY!?
"Family, friends, being healthy."

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