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YAYsayer Kathy

Meet YAYsayer Kathy!

What do you wish you had less of? "Stress, only because I have been feeling more stressed lately." 

Who or what was your greatest teacher? "Miss Griffith at Edgewood Elementary School in Weirton, West Virgina. She was the kindest, sweetest woman and I really looked up to her for (1) these two qualities and (2) she was a woman who had a full-time job, out of the house, and seemed to really enjoy her life. She was my 2nd grade teacher." 

What's a success you would like to see someone close to you achieve? "I would like my sister, who owns YAY! Life!, to be able to get rid of the stress in her life that she struggles with trying to make her business as successful as it needs to be."

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