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#yayitforward Mini YAY! Sticker

Product image 1#yayitforward Mini YAY! Sticker Sticker
Product image 2#yayitforward Mini YAY! Sticker Sticker

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A little YAY! goes a long way.  #yayitforward with our mini YAY! stickers

Now you can spread YAY! throughout the world, brightening people’s days unexpectedly with our #yayitforward Mini YAY! stickers.  Stickers measure approximately 1.25″ x 1″.

Sold in packs of 25 for sharing.

YAY! is Unbridled Enthusiasm.  It’s an instant celebration.  It’s a break from the mundane.  People see it.  They say it.  They exclaim it.  They smile. One little word with a big impact. That’s the power of YAY!

Hidden in a library book, tucked on the shelves at your favorite store, peeking out from behind a pastry at your local coffee shop, included with the tip for your server, on the seat next to you on public transit, left behind for the next Uber passenger ... you can sprinkle YAY! everywhere.



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