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YAY! LiFE! was born on a beautiful, crisp winter day in Denver, Colorado. Rachelle had put a pumpkin pie in the oven and when she took it out, Carl said, “Yay. Pie.” In his deadpan voice.

Rachelle thought that was pretty funny and being an artist, she immediately went over and drew a little sketch of a pie with steam curling off of it and the words Yay! Pie! around it.

Original YAY! PiE! drawing from YAY! LiFE!

She thought to herself, “I would totally wear that as a t-shirt!”

After having coffee and eating pie, Carl and Rachelle went out for a walk with their yellow lab, Belle. They were feeling very grateful to be able to spend a Tuesday afternoon with each other having coffee and pie and walking in the sunshine. They started thinking, “This is what life is all about – gratitude and enjoying life. Everyone has a YAY! that is as unique as they are.

This is YAY! LiFE! And we feel privileged to share it. Thank you for being a YAYsayer. 

YAY! LiFE!’s mission is to encourage and influence people to celebrate what they love and who they are, creating a ripple effect of abundance and joy, for people and for the planet.


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