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Thank you for your interest in custom YAY! products. YAY! LiFE! is not a specialty advertising company. When you choose to create a custom YAY! product you are aligning with the YAY! brand, which we’ve worked hard to make a symbol of authenticity, individuality and fun! YAY! amplifies whatever word or phrase it is paired with. That is the power of YAY!

YAY! LiFE! reserves the right to refuse any title. YAY! is a registered trademark of YAY! LiFE! LLC. All designs are copyright YAY! LiFE! LLC. All rights reserved.

If you have just submitted a wholesale request (for BUSINESSES, RETAIL STORES, ORGANIZATIONS, SCHOOLS or NON-PROFITS who are RESELLING YAY! products), you will receive an email with Custom YAY! product wholesale info as soon as you have been approved.

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